What do I do if my fingers get stuck ?

Don’t worry. Just apply acetone or ordinary nail polish remover containing acetone on the bonded area. The bond will break but be sure to rinse the area thoroughly with excess water after de-bonding. If you don’t have acetone handy, have a little patience! Soak the bonded area in warm, s…..

How do I remove Glue from my counter tops ?

Glue can be removed with acetone. Acetone is the key ingredient in most nail polish removers. You can also find acetone at your local hardware or paint store. Apply the solvent to a paper towel and place it on the stain until the glue has softened. The softened glue can then be removed with a clean …..

Is there anything Aron Alpha Glue can’t bond ?

Though it works with most, Aron Alpha cannot bond all materials. For best results, please do not use on foam, rear view mirrors, polyethylene, Teflon® or other fluorocarbons. Check out our different formulas to find the glue that is best for the materials you are bonding.

Which one is fit for me ?

Liquid : Ideal for flat/smooth surface and cranny/small niche space. Clear liquid and does’t leave stains. Strong with use only a little. Gel : Easy to use for small area ex. Accessories easy to control, help to avoid stick with finger. Not dirty

As with medicine and alcohol, too much is a problem. Don’t forget the proper amount of Aron Alpha. It can be glued cleanly and saves money. Well, what is the appropriate amount?

1 drop in the area of 5 THB coin. Let’s spread Aron Alpha by attaching it to the center and sticking it together. If you apply too much, it will take time to harden. On the contrary, if it is too small, it will not stick well. Please note that you cannot add it on the way. When Aron Alpha soak…..