ARON ALPHA instant glue for consumer use has been sold worldwide for
50 years since its launch in 1971. This time (2021), we can say we are

“The longest-selling Super Glue for general consumers”

Aron Alpha was invented and developed by Toagosei Co., Ltd., Japan since 1962 until it believed in its efficiency and started commercially available in 1963 for the industrial sector. As a result of good results, the company has expanded the market and released Aron Alpha products in a household form since 1971, which has received good feedback until today. Because the product originated from Japan. So you can be assured of quality and efficiency. Not only fast drying adhesives But we also have as many as 25 types of adhesives to suit each application. At present, the company has not stopped developing to be useful in various industrial sectors such as electronics, automobiles, medical, etc.

“Aron Alpha” super glue is an instant glue with Fast & Strong

No. 1 seller from Japan has arrived and available in Thailand.

There are 2 formulas to choose as liquid and gel formulas. For repairing or create all sorts of everyday life. Adhesive formula development with the exclusive technology of Toagosei Co., Ltd.

Original in Japan.
We sincerely hope that Aron Alpha will be a part of helping facilitate repair and creation work. In addition to Aron Alpha super glue, we also offer adhesives formulated to support large-scale industrial applications since we have a production base in Sriracha District,
Chonburi Province, you can follow us on the website as below link.